Hello World,

Well, I guess this is it: my own blog. And my very first blog post.
You have to forgive me, I am quite nervous. I mean, I am a writer, but up until now whatever form I was writing in, be it prose, poetry, screenwriting or analysis, it had clear rules and structures. This here seems more like…..well, it seems like a public diary.  But maybe I just feel this naked because I can’t hide behind said rules and structures anymore. And I guess, that’s a requirement given the title of this blog.

Now, what will this blog be about? Health? Travel? Food? Art? Beauty?
It’s going to be about a bit of everything (I mean, the word “chaos” is mentioned at the top the page), but mostly it’s going to be about belonging. We are 7 billion people more connected to each other than ever before, yet we feel the lonliest. And I’m no stranger to that. But let me dive into this rabbithole in my next post. For now, let me just get used to my new-found freedom.